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Quorum credit card login pay online reviews

Robert Wade: Howard is an invaluable asset to a small business owner. He takes the time to review options and helps assess the best insurance plans for our situation. He is knowledgeable and current on all the ever changing developments in the insurance industry. I have always received prompt responses from Howard whenever I had any questions and he is willing to get on the phone to explain details. I can’t recommend him and his company enough. We’ve been extremely happy with his services.

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Quorum Federal Credit Union pay online reviews

Oliver Franklin: I just recently purchased a home in Southern California and I used Edward at Quorum to finance the purchase. It was amazing how fast they were able to get it done. I think the whole process took only 16 days, and this was during the holiday season. The selling agent on the deal said that the speed at which we were able to close the loan was unheard of today and he actually saved me $1,000 by meeting an early close deadline set by the sellers.

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Brenda Bates: As painful as a refinance or new home loan process can be, John Spencer and Quorum Federal Credit Union made the process smooth and manageable. John and his team were very knowledgeable, straightforward and organized in making my new loan process a success. For me and my family it was nice to have that go to person to always be able to call or e-mail regarding our questions. Communication was the key in our loan process which is easy to get when working with this company!

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