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Dorothy McDaniel: I had no idea that this was a chain store. Judging upon that manner in which it was run and the service my friend and I received, I would have guessed that it was a local business. The first thing that attracted me to actually buying something was the price selection. Everything is low-to-moderately priced, with the exception of some of the more elaborate swords (but, really, they’re swords; of course they’ll be expensive.) However, the less elaborate swords and the dagger selection and other weapons were well priced. The second thing that attracted me, was of course the service. I went on a crowded day (The day before Bay to Breakers) and still received excellent service. No one was unhappy to be working and everyone had a smile on their face. That sounds to me like the way someone would run a local business. And until I googled it, I had no idea that this was a chain. But I’m not that into Japanese fighting or whatnot, so go figure.

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Jenifer Nichols: One word. Ebay! Ebay has better stuff for the same or lesser price. Bought a paul chen practical plus for $225 on ebay but this store decides to jack up the price to $445? you can even get antique swords for under $1000 on ebay. So the questiion is why pay $1500 for a Paul chen bushido machine folded blade when you can get an antique hand forged sword on ebay for under $1000? By the way paul chen always advertises their swords as hand made but I highly doubt it. A reproduction hand made sword in the traditional way cost about $10,000.

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Bon Roosevelt: Thanks again Bob for your help!

Patricia Black: Short term gain……Long term loss. NOT smart.

Edward Richardson: Seems like a friendly place at first…..not so much when it comes to customer service (especially returns, etc.)

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