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Abigail Hood: Everyone should check out Edward Jones. The staff was really friendly and knowledgeable about their policies. They went straight to the point and cleared up any questions I had. I highly recommend using Edward Jones as your insurance agent. Definitely check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

Sara Carson: Our relationship with Edward Jones’ team started off well, as they expedited our policy through the process when we purchased our house two months ago in Noe Valley.

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John Fitzgerald: Unfortunately, the personalized service that Edward Jones boasts about sort of ended there and so did our policy. We received a cancellation notice in the mail out of the blue. It mentioned renovation and a lack of a garage door as a reason.

George Williamson: Given that we are living in the house (only two weeks where it was not inhabited), everything was done with a GC and permits and that the doors were always there and working, my wife and I have a hard time given more than two stars at this time.

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Ruth Evans: Very rude and pissed me off. Why? because How does this stupid lady know I don’t have insurance? And I have Mercury. Is this how they treat other people. Pointless insurance.

Steven French: Probably only helps you and work with you when another insurance hits you. Then they can make money from the other party to pay for your car and themselves. Otherwise You Are On You Own.

William Small: I would recommend this to my enemies 🙂 Although I do not have any.

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